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To help educators to:

1. Embrace their role as digital role models

2. Explore the positive potential of social media

3. Inspire the next generation of digital leaders

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Media By Example Programmes


Media By Example Certified Educators

Media By Example offers an online certification programme to help educators to embrace their role as digital role models and provide ideas on how to bring social media into the classroom. The Media By Example Certifified Educator programme recognises those who are exemplary digital leaders and those who want to work hard to become one. After completion of the course, participants will be rewarded with a certificate and digital badge and, more importantly, join an inspiring community of educators who are excellent examples to young people.


For Educators

Media By Example provides support, ideas and resources for educators. This includes information on how to get connected and how to best utilise your platform(s) of choice. We also help educators to bring social media into the classroom and use it to enhance learning, connect classrooms and scaffold digital leadership throughout a child’s education.

Media By Example Blog

The Media By Example blog provides a platform for digital leaders of all ages to share their efforts and inspiring projects. If you would like to contribute to the blog, please get in touch. Your projects do not need to save the world! If you are making a positive change through social media, big or small, you are a digital leader and we want to hear from you!

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September 2019

I love everything about Media By Example by Adam Hill because he and I share the same passion: to inspire the next generation of digital leaders and the teachers who mentor them. Adam brings his knowledge, expertise, and passion together in this much needed resource which changes the narrative around the role of social media in schools.

Jennifer Casa-Todd, Teacher-Librarian, Keynote Speaker and Author of Social LEADia



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Your feedback, input and support are very much appreciated as we grow Media By Example. There are a number of ways to get involved.


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As Media By Example grows and offers new features, we will need critical friends who are willing to test them out and provide feedback. By signing up, you will receive emails when updates are ready to be previewed and tested. If you work with young people of any age, we very much welcome your helpful input.

Connect and share

Connect with us on Twitter and share your digital leadership efforts using the hashtag #MediaByExample. Alternatively, you can email us to share your experiences. We are particularly interested in educators who bring social media into the classroom to enhance learning, amplify student voice and connect with others.

Support YoungMinds

Media By Example supports YoungMinds in their fight for young people’s mental health. While we promote the positive potential of social media, we acknowledge that it can have a negative effect. We aim to prevent these issues while helping those who have already been impacted. Click below to find out more.


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